Friday, February 29, 2008

The Week That Was

-Sad that the economics of football dictated the Rams letting go of their true icon player... Isaac Bruce. Looks like we'll get to see him again next season....but in a 49ers uniform. I can certainly understand why the Rams, especially after a 3-13 season, would find it important to cut ties with "The Reverend". They probably are feeling a lot of pressure to sell tickets for the coming season. And if they put the same old cast of characters on the field that will become doubly tough. Bruce has had some great days with the horns on his helmet, but I would be willing to look in another direction myself if I were in Rams management. Ike just wasn't the same threat that he used to be.

-Jeff Wilkins decides to hang it up. He was a good one too. Where have all the Super Bowl heroes gone? Time marches on...especially in a rough game like football.

-Son Ian had a little break time and checked in from the Beaver Creek ski resort today. They've had an amazing snowfall out there this year. He says today was the first day that felt like Spring was a possibility for a long time. Still plenty of snow for "Spring-breakers" though.

-One of the most talented singers I've ever had the pleasure of hearing, and being around. Very nice man too. Charles Glenn sings the anthem and Saints Go Marching In at Blues games.

-Congrats to Kent Hall, imaging director at St. Louis all-sports station Team1380. Kent has produced some promos that are a knock-off of the "Code" commercial campaign of the Blues. If you haven't heard them, listen to 1380AM for awhile. Even if you're not a sports fan, theyr'e a hoot.

-The trade deadline for some Blues fans was a bummer. But those are the ones that tend to forget that the team is still in the very early stages of a rebuilding project. The early success on the ice this year had everybody in "playoff mode". And that's a little unfair to John Davidson and Larry Pleau who have to be thinking in a much different way. Those guys are focused on a few years down the road as being serious playoff/Stanley Cup time. The other thing that disappointed some folks was the lack of a first-round pick or major prospect coming back to the team in return for Salvador and/or Backmann. It was unfair to expect a busload of prospects this year because the draft is stocked with more attractive players and other teams weren't going to shell out nearly as easily. And, frankly, the Blues didn't have the star-power players to trade this year. Certainly not the Tkachuk, Weight and Guerin trade bait that they've had before. I do think Cam Janssen will turn out to be more of a player than some are giving him credit for being. He's obviously a smart kid who understands why he's in the NHL. And hockey is still hockey and you need some guys on your team that can get the other team off their game. D.J. King is the classic fighter. But, this guy is more of a ****-disturber (a la Tyson Nash) who can also fight. It should be interesting to see if Andy Murray will be inclined to put King and Janssen on the ice at the same time.

-So, the lame-duck Governors of Missouri and Illinois shake hands on an I-70 bridge deal. Blagojevich in Illinois has all kinds of budget and, potentially, legal problems. Not to mention the fact that most of the people running the state, including those in his own party, have no use for him. Blunt has decided that he's had enough of being governor of Missouri and has no power as a result. So did the announcement of the new bridge really mean anything? They signed some papers. But somebody still has to come up with some money to do this thing. And neither state's leader is in a position to ram-rod anything.

-The Scott Spiezio thing is another black eye for the Cardinals. By now, most people around the country probably think that the organization is more about partying than playing baseball. At least the club did the right thing by immediately releasing the "soul-patch kid". I'm guessing they'll have to eat his salary because no other team is likely to be interested in his services anymore. One just hopes he gets the right help before it's too late.

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