Monday, February 25, 2008


-I'm expecting...after this weekend's West Coast disaster...that the Blues will be moving more than one body before the 2pm trade deadline Tuesday. The potential trade of Jay McKee...which is now becoming a hot internet rumor...would free up considerable $$ for the re-signing of either Bryce Salvador, Barret Jackman, or both. I'm thinking, though, that Jackman is more valuable to the long-term future of the team as a trading chip than as a defenseman. Salvador will likely be a more reasonable expenditure for a "stay-at-home" defenseman. I don't think John Davidson and Larry Pleau are inclined to let the deadline pass without either signing or trading Jackman. So trading appears to be the most likely option...even if we don't get a fantastic package in return.

Martin Rucinsky probably will be wearing another uniform soon too.

I would expect the team to re-sign Ryan Johnson and Matt Walker too. Both offer high value for the money.

I keep hearing that there's the possibility of a trade involving someone that we might not expect. Mayers? Stempniak? Just the internet rumor mill grinding.

Let's go back to something I've written before...The worst thing the Blues can do now is lose focus on the long-range prize. If Jackman, Salvador and others aren't viewed as players who can contribute to the Market Street Stanley Cup parade, then they should be trading chips. Short-term success be damned! This city is ready for the ultimate hockey prize...and we'll wait another year or two for it.

-Tony LaRussa approached management about signing Barry Bonds for this season? Geez...what's that all about? I don't know if I could have stomached seeing that guy in a Cardinals uniform.

-The Oscars...aside from the fine hosting of Jon Stewart...was a bore. And don't we have any people in the Academy who have any regard for US-born actors? It seems to be qualified to win latetly, you must have a green card.

-It's almost funny how whenever she feels that her ship is sinking Hillary Clinton changes her tune to suit the occasion. A while back in New Hampshire it was a teary plea to women. Over the weekend it was an angry castigation of Obama's stance on her health care proposal. There must be a very good puppeteer in her camp of advisors.

-I'm waiting for the first sign that some of that satellite that we shot out of orbit the other day is actually going to come down in tact anyway. Just a feeling. As long as the hydrazene was destroyed it won't be that big a deal.

-With Matt Clement apparently not ready... the Cardinals pitching has to get big contributions from unexpected sources to be competitive. Especially until Mulder and Carpenter come back. Even when they do, it would be silly to expect Cy Young-type performances from them. We could be suffering through the least interesting Cardinals season in quite a while. I hope my feeling is wrong.

-Well, I was sure I had the 270-million dollar Mega Millions winning lottery ticket. But, since I was wrong, I guess my efforts here will continue. See you soon.

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