Thursday, May 26, 2016

Final Thoughts- Blues 2015-2016 29th season with the Blues ended last night like all the others. Thud. But, this campaign was
WAY more fun than most. When the team is successful like this, and the fans are really into it, my job turns into an amazing combination of fan/announcer/spokesman/PR man, and I realize how overwhelmingly grateful I am for the life I live. Playing such a role for the Blues organization and game-night experience is a magnificent gift. Other thoughts-
  • Looking back, I guess what bothers me quite a bit, as a part of the home-game experience, is that we lost so many playoff games at Scottrade
      • Apr. 15- Hawks 3 Blues 2
      • Apr. 21- Hawks 4 Blues 3 2OT
      • May 5- Stars 3 Blues 2 OT
      • May 9- Stars 3 Blues 2
      • May 17- Sharks 4 Blues 0
      • May 23- Sharks 6 Blues 3
    • Two games in each series played at Scottrade were won by the visitors. Not saying I'm
      ready to take any blame, or that there is any at all, but it's strange that these guys work so hard during the regular season to get to the top of the standings to secure home ice, and then it doesn't really work to our advantage in the post-season. Better to have it than not. But it was obviously not the advantage that we were hoping for. 
  • Having to deal with the salary cap means that this team will have to look much different next season. Like it or not, that's the way it is. Some players will have to get paid somewhere else. Some of the younger guys will be asked to step up into more significant roles. What that means for the face of the roster, David Backes, will be a very interesting story this off-season. 
  • I'm so proud of our Scottrade/Blues presentation team. I won't name names here for fear of
    leaving someone out, but everybody was awesome. Everywhere I go people remark about how amazing the presentation was during the playoffs. And I particularly take note of comments from people who are in the sports business. All have been amazingly positive. Well done gang! 
  • In my years of working for the Blues I haven't felt any better about the ownership situation than I do now. I'm so happy that we have a man like Tom Stillman leading a group of locally-connected owners. Tom is, as you likely know, totally hockey-driven. He wants to win that Cup in the worst way...or any way. And that's what's bringing many casual fans into Blues Nation.
    The obvious dedication to winning goes a long way with most of us who call St. Louis home. 
  • I can't express adequately how awkward the ending of a hockey season is for those of us who work as part of the show and behind the scenes. We are friends, colleagues and hockey lovers who get together some 50-plus nights a season to perform important, various functions around the game. Off-ice officials, technicians, television and radio commentators, front-office folks, ice-maintenance people, in-game hosts, music performers/presenters, security staff, food service staff, and many others become like a big family by the end of the season. Then, inevitably, the Blues go on the road after a home game with the hopes of winning to continue the season. We usually say good-bye to one another not knowing if we'll see our friends again until the first pre-season game of the following season. We usually say something like..."See you next time"..."See you Friday" (hoping that we do) or something similar. This season we were lucky to have the Blues successful in two rounds of the playoffs.
    But, unless the Blues were to go all the way, we usually end the season at home, watching on TV, when it sets in that we won't see our hockey family again for several months. I'm not attempting to compare our emotional pain with that of the players and coaches, but it's real nonetheless. And it takes a while to get over. I continue to hope that someday soon we are able to have a post-season party for all of these people who are emotionally invested in this team that includes a parade.
Thanks for reading. LGB!!

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