Wednesday, May 18, 2016


-Let's not talk about the game. Sharks tie the series 1-1.
  • There's been a lot of discussion lately about the Rally Boobs lady who sits directly behind the visiting coach. Some readers of this blog have asked me to explain what's going on. But I was beaten to the punch by columnist Aisha Sultan of the Post-Dispatch and Read all about it here
  • If you're lucky, moneyed enough, or well-connected, you may some day get to spend quality between-periods and before-and-after-game time in the Sub Zero Vodka Bar. It's high-end space that sits right next to the hallway leading from the Blues locker room to the rink. While enjoying a libation, patrons can get up-close-and-personal with the players, coaches and support personnel. I snapped a photo before the game so you
    could have a glimpse of what you and I are missing.
  • To me, there was a surprising number of fans on hand last night wearing Sharks gear. After the game, there were quite a few capturing photos of themselves standing in front of the rink glass in the afterglow of a big win. I figured there would only be a handful of Sharks fans on hand given the distance between StL and the Bay area. But, of course, there are always fans from every major metro area who happen to live in StL and are pulling for the home boys. 
  • Yes, the officials like to warm up before the game on a stationary bike; or at least have that
  • Once again, the buffet line in the press lounge featured a carving station. This time, delicious roast beef. 
  • While in the line, I bumped into NBC broadcaster Joe Micheletti who was featured in my last post. I asked if he had read all of the "slanderous material" I wrote about him since the last game. And, to his credit, with a smile he answered.."I don't read, or participate in, any social media." Not many broadcasters can get away with that in the current mass-media climate. Good for him!
  • During the pre-game skate the stand-by officials are asked to be a presence in the penalty box
    just in case any "monkey business" should break out. Usually this is just a precaution. But there have been a few instances in the past in which a simmering grudge was cause for combat. Last night the stand-by ref was Wes McCauley and the linesman Greg Devorski
  • If you are following the series even halfway closely, you should be familiar with the story of Wyatt and Gerry Nelson of Saskatoon. If not, here's a link to the Post-Dispatch story of their visit to last night's game. The in-house presentation featured the Nelson's story on the
    videoboard and some of Wyatt's play-by-play audio. Classy move by the Blues organization and Saskatchewan native Kelly Chase, who's heart is as big as all outdoors, for bringing this hockey-fanatical dad and son to town. 
  • Speaking of Saskatoon, many of us older folks remember how close the Blues were to moving there back in 1983. For you younger fans, it's an amazing story that writer Jeff Fahrenkrog compiled for back in 2009. After you read this, we should all consider ourselves extremely lucky to even have pro hockey, and this current playoff run, to enjoy in 2016. 
More TYMNHS after Monday's Game 5. Thanks for reading.

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