Wednesday, May 04, 2016


-After a very welcome 6-1 Blues clobbering of the Stars last night at Scottrade, here comes another set of Things You Might Not Have Seen on the TV version of the game. As reported from my perspective as PA announcer. (Obviously, from what I read, some of you didn't see all of the game on TV either because of the overtime in the Tampa/Islanders game shown on NBCSN.)

  • I happened to run into Blues lead owner Tom Stillman in the hallway near the Blues locker
    room after the game. The exchange went something like- 
    • TC-"Wow, you don't see a game like that very often in the playoffs. That was fun."
    • TS-"Right...that was great. Now we have to bring it again on Thursday."
    • TC-"Yes...the boys seemed really focused tonight."
    • TS-"Let's keep it up." -- Mr. Stillman was obviously pleased as he was wearing that big smile of his. But also obviously not taking anything for granted going forward. Smart. 
  • Before the fight near the end of the game, Ryan Reaves and Stars forward Vernon Fiddler
    were in the penalty box for a little while in the middle of the second period after a little scrum. By then the score was already 4-1 Blues. And many of us near the ice sensed that things could get "chippy" before the game was over. Not sure if these guys have had a running feud, but it sure seemed like it from the "way back" references they were making in a verbal battle in the penalty box. They were yapping like crazy the whole 2 minutes they were in the box...and none of us in there had any idea what they were talking about. I heard a few references such as--fantasy camp, diapers, and stick boy that made no sense to me. I think each was trying to be louder than the other through most of it. 
  • As compared to the Chicago series in Round 1, there was practically no visible media presence from the Dallas market on hand for last night's game. The media lounge for the pre-game meal was noticeably "uncrowded". Oh, I'm sure there were the usual beat writers and local market radio guys. But as for Dallas TV stations...I couldn't see any. There were Chicago TV people crawling all over the place during the previous series. I know the TV ratings for Stars games in that market haven't been great...and not anywhere close to Blues games in the St. Louis market. 
  • The talented in-game host Angella Sharpe was featured prominently on local television
    Tuesday morning helping to promote last night's game. A task that would require her to be out of bed VERY early. I asked her in our pre-game production meeting if she got a nap before the game. She says she did...but only because of  the late start. If she pulls the same duty tomorrow, she won't be able to "rest up" for her energy-packed evening. (7pm start Thursday). 
  • One of our in-game features Tuesday night was Winning the Hardware...a short script read by me...and a video montage designed to spotlight Blues award
    winners of the past and point out the rich history of players who have worn The Note. Last night's featured player was the big defenseman who just became a Hall-of-Famer, Chris Pronger. The script pointed out the fantastic '99-2000 season in which he won both the Norris Trophy as the league's top defenseman, and the Hart Trophy as league MVP. Prongs was in the building last night, but chose to decline the opportunity to appear on the video board to receive an ovation after the presentation. A great, and still humble, Blues player of the recent past.
  • Tony X--(in real life Anthony Holmes) a Twitter sensation locally, and nationally, with his
    tweets about finding hockey to be exciting on TV during the Blackhawks series, was a guest of the Blues at last night's game. He was shown on the video board a few times. And, once again displaying the power of social media, was cheered loudly by the crowd. Things have definitely changed in a big way since I got into this mass-media thing. 
  • Being up close, I like to watch the facial expressions of key players to get a read on their mood when I have some time between announcements. Last night, after the Blues took the lead, I decided to keep an eye on Stars captain Jamie Benn. The disappointment, frustration, (and it's entirely possible I could be reading more into this one
    than is there) resignation, he displayed was apparent to me. I'm quite sure he and his team will come out refreshed and ready on Thursday. 
I'll have another edition of TYMNHS after Game 4. Thanks for reading.

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