Thursday, May 19, 2005

Back to Work

I've taken a few days off from blogging for the sake of being able to concentrate on some business dealings. So, today, let me catch up a little.

--As predicted...(I think everyone who watches American Idol was probably with me on this one)...Vonzell is eliminated, leaving Bo and Carrie in the final showdown next week. I can't see Bo losing. Carrie has a strong career ahead of her in country. But, Bo has been amazing the last few weeks and will have the career he wants after being crowned. However, his choice of diretion will be interesting and determine just how much we hear from him down the road. We haven't heard or seen much of Ruben Studdard because his talents don't translate to the mainstream very well. This could be a problem for Bo as well. His a capella performance of "In a Dream" Tuesday was awesome.

--The Cardinals continue to play well. But when will closer Jason Isringhausen ever record a 1-2-3 inning?

--The Grizzlies open their home schedule next Wednesday night. Looking forward to another summer of fun at GMC Stadium.

--Mark Sauer, the president and CEO of the Blues, made a promise on the air that we will have hockey on schedule this fall. He didn't say who would be playing.

--Another multiple-murder in Belleville. I think we've had an unfortunate concentration of passion crimes this year in a city where things like this rarely happen. Don't get the idea that Belleville is the crime capital of the metro area...that just isn't born out by the statistics.

--As I suspected last week, Scott Air Force Base will not only stay open, but will gain importance in the overall Pentagon scheme with new missions coming in. Jerry Costello, who has solidified himself with each year in office, thus is officially now the new Mel Price. Costello is a Democrat, but doesn't play the party line or seem too involved with political tomfoolery. He votes his conscience. He keeps the home folks in mind with every thing he does. Costello is what all of our elected representatives should be.

--Another teriffic job by Patty Gregory, Dede Fahrquar, and the rest of the Art on the Square team. These people have shed more positive light on the city of Belleville than could possibly be paid for. I know Mayor Mark Eckert put in a lot of extra hours making sure the city covered it's end of the deal too.

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