Thursday, May 12, 2005


--Idol Update. Last week I wrote: Anthony and Scott were the bottom two. That figures. Anthony has been up and down throughout the competition too. But, as I said in earlier posts, he gets the very essential--"he's cute and appealling to teenie-boppers"--votes. (And maybe more than a few gay votes??) Clay Aiken's career booms now after garnering that "high school boy" contingent of cell phone users during his Idol days.So, we have Bo, Carrie, Vonzell and Anthony as the Final Four. Next to leave...Anthony. His clean-and-cute votes won't carry him another week. Unless he has a monster performance and Vonzell flops. Next week...Vonzell leaves. She's very good. But not as good as Bo or Carrie. Count on it.

--Cardinals Update. Something about the Cardinals just doesn't seem right to me. They are definitely playing well enough to win their suddenly weak Central least now. The pitching has been very good. Hitting spotty. Defense OK. I worry about the Rolen shoulder injury and the middle relief. If the starters hit a stretch where they need some real, middle inning help, it might not be pretty. I like how LaRussa is taking it easy with his aging outfield so they don't burn out too early. But, is it me? Or is Albert Pujols playing...and talking after games...with a little more swagger and recklessness than in the past? You gotta love Albert...but, you would hope that the big money and fame doesn't change his personality too much.

--Grizzlies Update. One of the great things about summer in this area is Grizzlies baseball at GMC stadium. If you haven't been to a game yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Everyone...and I mean everyone...that I've ever spoken to that has been to a Grizzlies game has said great things about how much they enjoyed it, and the value of entertainment. Kids can run around the stadium. There's always some kind of on-field, or off-field, amusement going on. The refreshments and food are great and cheap...especially compared to Busch stadium. And, Danny Cox usually has a darn good team to put on the field. Come to a Grizzlies game. The home season starts May 25th at GMC stadium in Sauget.

--Belleville Update. Keep your eyes open for news about an effort to promote and spruce up Belleville's west end neighborhoods and business climate. I've been working with some community leaders on this project. And we should go public with our plans and expectations very soon. You will be impressed.

--Prediction: Not only will Scott Air Force Base NOT be scheduled to close when the BRAC closing list is announced tomorow, my feeling is it will get an increased mission. Congressman Jerry Costello is too good at what he does to not pull all the right strings on this one. He and fellow congressman John Shimkus have a press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning at MidAmerica Airport to discuss the announcement that will be made by Donald Rumsfeld in Washington. You can bet they haven't called the press together without knowing it will be good news. They just can't say anything under fear of punishment that's been threatened if pre-official announcement leaks are identified.

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