Thursday, May 05, 2005

Good Riddance

Because of other commitments, I haven't been able to view one second of American Idol this week. But when I found out last night...after p.a. duties at GMC Stadium for SIU-SLU baseball...that the overconfident and undertalented Scott Savol had been voted off, I couldn't have been more satisfied. Not that the guy is untalented...just undertalented comparison to the rest of the finalists. And that includes most of those already voted off who were in the top 12. He could only have been alive at this point because of the "I'm voting for the doofus for prom king" crowd. Shame on them for trying to ruin our favorite show!

From what I have read about this week's shows on the information super-highway, I understand that "Pudge"...(not Rodriguez who plays for Detroit) but Savol who represents working, and non-working, class Cleveland...was still cocky as ever before getting the axe. What could possibly make this slug think he's the next Elvis? Or even Vanilla Ice? Whatever talent he does have needs some serious grooming by someone who does those talent image makevoers. I hope he finds a good agent...because he will need one.

Anthony and Scott were the bottom two. That figures. Anthony has been up and down throughout the competition too. But, as I said in earlier posts, he gets the very essential--"he's cute and appealling to teenie-boppers"--votes. (And maybe more than a few gay votes??) Clay Aiken's career booms now after garnering that "high school boy" contingent of cell phone users during his Idol days.

So, we have Bo, Carrie, Vonzell and Anthony as the Final Four.

Next to leave...Anthony. His clean-and-cute votes won't carry him another week. Unless he has a monster performance and Vonzell flops.

I don't see how it won't come down to Bo and Carrie. And, my money is on Bo at this point. He just seems a perch above the rest in professionalism. His voice never falters. He presents himself in a highly professional manner...particularly in his rock comfort zone. (Although his attachment to the microphone stand gets to me sometimes). It's hard to believe the guy was in the bottom three a few weeks ago. But, I think he has recovered effectively from the "not as intense Bo" doldrums that put him there.

Carrie is a local favorite...having originally auditioned for the show in St. Louis. But, as physically attractive as she is, she hasn't hit very many musical home runs in this competition. She can definitely sing. But her wandering collection of song choices, and occasionally iffy interpretations, have me wondering just how talented she really is. She's young...much younger than Bo. And, I think it shows in their level of professional presentation. That will kill her chances to become the next American Idol.

I'm already wondering where Bo will go after claiming "The Title". What kind of professional career will he have? Will he have to front a rock band? Will he be a solo artist of any consequence? What kind of music will he be identified with? He'll turn 30 pretty soon and be a part of the "starting-to-age rocker" crowd. He'll be tied down by AI commitments for a while. Am I getting ahead of myself?

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