Monday, August 22, 2005

Brain Waves

--I'm excited to say that I've agreed to return for another season as the public address announcer of the St. Louis Blues. My string of consecutive games without an absence...which began in January of 1987...will continue. Many thanks to Mark Sauer, Lou Siville and Chris Frome of the Blues organization who worked with me to structure a new deal. The Calhoun family is indeed grateful.

--Now with Mark Grudzielanek out with an infection in his knee, can it be long before the Cardinals sign someone from the Grizzlies to play a few games in the pinch? Heck, they could sign Grizzlies second-sacker Gary Gilbert to a one-week deal and wouldn't have to bother calling someone up from Memphis. Gary could play at that level...I'm darn sure of it. Especially when the team has a 13-game cushion in the standings.

--I've always been a Channel 5 guy. That goes way back to the days when I first moved away from home...(1975??) But, lately I've been watching a lot more of 2 and 4. I'm finding I can't quite warm up to the robotic Rene Knott and the "deer-in-the-headlights" Katie Felts on sports. And Frank Cusumano...who I think does a good job... isn't on enough. Plus...I just can't seem to buy into Mike Bush as a news anchor either. I keep waiting for him to come out with a "fuggedaboutit" when he's doing a voiceover on a news story. So, I think 5 is losing me. I find that I'm watching 5 out of habit...but switching to 4 during the show at 10 o'clock.

--I see where some of the things I said about the Cubs in a post last week caused a fan of the North-side bunch to respond with a comment challenging some of my thoughts. Let me say this, I admire, even if I don't understand, the loyalty that Cubs fans have to their team. In fact, I'll go one step further. When the Cubs were in the playoffs in '03, I actually found myself pulling for them to make it to the World Series. As a Cardinals die-hard, I know that seems like a sacrilege. But I have to admit it's true. When the Bartman incident happened, and Florida went on to win, I also felt a little bit of glee because it seemed that all was right with the world. The Cubs were once again foiled by the gods of sport. But, my post was not meant to be hurtful toward Cubs fans, it was intended to be more of an analytical piece about hapless...and luckless...sports organizations. But I guess I did give in to being a bit boastful in the light of such a huge lead in the division.

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