Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Questions

What a terrible storm. But we have to be thankful that it took that little turn to the East before coming ashore. Otherwise, they say we could be looking at death and devastation on the order of the Asian tsunami. I heard one New Orleans official say if the city would have taken a direct hit they wouldn't have had enough body bags.

Here are the questions I have in the aftermath.

--Will those that are being rescued from their roofs in New Orleans be charged with a crime? There was a mandatory evacuation order that they obviously chose to ignore. Now, tax money has to be spent, and the lives of rescuers are at risk, because these people chose to "ride it out".

--Will insurance companies be allowed to just quit selling insurance in hurricane affected areas? Some have already pulled out of Florida.

--If companies can sell only where they want to, will they be forced to lower their rates in the areas they do sell? I bet not.

--I actually read this morning that people are complaining about the conditions in the Super Dome. When does someone wake up and realize that they are lucky to be alive..or that someone else is taking care of them, not vice versa?

--Will the Saints have a place to play football? Their first home game in the Super Dome is scheduled for Sunday, September 18th. They've got a little over two weeks to get the place in shape...and make sure people can get to it without a boat.

--Will gas prices go up because of market pressure...or will the oil companies just have a good excuse for gouging?

--Where did Forrest Gump's shrimp boat wind up?

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