Thursday, August 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

--Part of the back wall in right field--which serves mostly as a billboard--taken down in Wednesday's storms at GMC Stadium. The picture in the News-Democrat today reminds me of what it might look like if one of the Grizzlies left handed hitters "really got into one".

--I'm sure Terrell Owens thinks he's always on the right side of all of his controversies. But you would think he has to wonder why he's always in the middle of one. Keeping his mouth shut would be a start.

--Another double-fatality auto crash involving high school kids from Freeburg High School. This time 15-year-old boys out late, and apparently drinking, then driving. Not old enough to drive. But somehow running wild without parental supervision. Sad. Whatever happened to the parental curfew?

--Barb and I saw West Side Story at the Muny last week. It struck me that the gang violence story line is as relevant today as it was in the early 60's. Apparently nobody learns anything from young people killing one another. The hormones are still more powerful than good sense.

--Is Bo Bice still happy that he came in second? I've seen a lot of Carrie. Where's Bo?

--The Cardinals are spoiling us. I hope they have as good a team next year to play in the new ballpark.

--I'm constantly asked about the NHL coming back and how it might be received by fans. I'm expecting a "honeymoon" period as the curious re-examine things. But, if the fans see the same old plodding, uninteresting brand of hockey, there will be a lot of empty seats at NHL arenas for the rest of the season. Especially since not many teams are lowering ticket prices.

--Who's on first? Albert Pujols, who now has the best shot at the triple-crown in the majors in a long time. 9 points out of the lead in batting average...4 HR's behind Andruw Jones...2 RBI's behind Carlos Lee of Milwaukee. It could happen.

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