Monday, August 29, 2005


--I happened to notice a window sticker on the way in to work today that got me thinking. It's a variation on the old "My kid is an honor student at XYZ school" and read something like this...

XYZ School
Proud to be the parent of a

Now, I don't have a problem with parents who are really proud of kids and school accomplishments. Parents being into their kids is not nearly popular enough these days. Lack of parental involvement has always been a leading factor in youthful crime. Big Brothers-Big Sisters would enjoy the day when they have to go "out of business". I just think these stickers are, at best, disingenuous, and, at worst, a safety hazard.

Don't you agree that these stickers are more about the parents than the kids? I believe they are a superficial way for a parent to call attention to himself/herself, not the kid and genuine academic achievement. Do these people think that the child actually cares about a bumper sticker on the family SUV that doesn't even identify him/her? Get real! If the parent actually wants to do something that the child appreciates they should take a family trip to Six Flags, or some other kind of "together-time" activity. And while there, the parent could tell the treasured offspring just how proud they are and top it off with a hug. The bumper sticker could stay out of my face.

I realize that schools use these stickers as a motivational/promotional tool. And, as long as the school sends one home with the student, parents will encounter the overwhelming urge to gloat and likely put the thing on the family vehicle. But, come on folks, I don't know you or your car. How could I possibly give you, or your school, the credit you're seeking? Do you think I'm going to do a search on your license plate to find out who you are, and then send you a letter of congratulations?

The only thing these stickers accomplish is to partially obscure the rear view of the driver. Maybe there should be a law.

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