Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ay or Uh

-One local TV anchor has me bugged. This point naming names...starts every story that starts with the preposition "a" pronouncing it "ay". For instance...

"Ay St. Louis man was arrested today". or..."Ay construction crew closed Highway 40"...or "Ay Anheuser-Busch official"....Yes, I've even heard him/her use "ay" when word two starts with a vowel. Baffling.

Always "Ay"...never the more informal and conversational "uh". Is that some ridiculous way of making the story sound more like some sort of official TV presentation in this person's mind? As far as I can tell...this guy/gal is the only local anchor with this particular technique. I assume it's a technique. It just sounds so ridiculous to me. If he/her would stop "presenting" and start communicating on a personal level by reading the news as if he/she were sitting in our living room with us, maybe he/she would have better ratings. Hey buddy/lady, we want people to communicate with us...not at us. Hopefully, if you should happen to read this, you know who you are. If not, TiVo your own newscast sometime and get a clue.

One of my mentors...the great Bob Hardy...always said you should read the news as if you are telling each story to a group of friends...not as though you are making a speech at a political convention.

-The secret is finally out. Scott Rolen is once again dealing with pain in his bum shoulder. You had to figure that because of the way his bat was dragging through the strike zone. One has to wonder if he'll ever be able to return to his pre-injury productivity.

-Why in heaven's name would one find the need to promote dog fighting on one's own property when one has all the money and fame that comes with being the starting quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons? One must be really, really stupid.

-I give the David and Victoria Beckham frenzy about 3 months. But I must say, she's pretty cute.

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