Monday, July 09, 2007

I Had No Idea

...that so many people would identify with our plight after I wrote about the passing of our dear old girl Fergie. Of course, dog-lover Mike Anderson of mentioned my sadness and linked to this blog which sent many non-regular visitors here. Mike recently had a similar experience with his beloved Lucy.

As a result of the more public nature of that particular blog entry, I received several e-mails and phonecalls from people I had never met but who, nevertheless, attempted to console Barb and me. To those who did, and to those who might have identified and sympathized, I can never thank you enough. There are many more good-hearted people in this world than you might suspect based on the news of the day.

-At the All-Star break the Cardinals are an enigma. One could envision the World Champions folding up completely in the second half. But, it doesn't take much imagination to believe they could also still win their division with a return to regular health of some key players like Carpenter, Eckstein and Edmonds. Should they get any positive contribution from Mark Mulder, things could get even better. One thing I still expect is a much different look to this club next year. All the rumors about Walt Jockety and Tony LaRussa heading elsewhere may only be the tip of the iceberg.

-Every where I go people ask me how I feel about the coming hockey season after the Paul Kariya signing. I won't go so far as to say the Blues will be in the Stanley Cup finals like Manny Legace did on the radio the other day. But, I do think they'll make the playoffs and be competitive in them. That's more than we've been able to say with a straight face in some time.

-The Gateway Grizzlies are continuing to amaze me, and everyone else. They have just completed a sweep (and not just a sweep...but a thumping) of the Windy City Thunderbolts who, up until the Grizzlies came to visit them in Chicago-land, had the best record in professional any level. Now...without doing the proper research...I assume that title falls to rookie manager Phil Warren's outstanding Sauget-based bunch. At the Frontier League All-Star break, the Grizzlies have a record of 36-10. A .783 winning percentage...Wow! Seven Grizzlies players will be in the all-star game in Florence, KY Wednesday night. Then the, now humbled, Windy City team will visit GCS Ballpark Friday night to start the second half of the season. I'll bet they're looking forward to that.

-I haven't heard anybody say anything to me about attending, or enjoying, Fair St. Louis. Maybe I'm not hanging with the right crowd to get that kind of feedback...but it seems to be a much smaller blip on the entertainment screen these days. I think our area could do so much better. I'd like to see a music festival like the old Mississippi River Festival be re-established to bring in big-name acts like it did back in the day. I'd work to make that happen...but would need someone with money to have the same vision. I even know of a great place where a venue could be established to handle it. If someone is interested in talking about it from a financial standpoint, please give me a call.

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