Friday, July 13, 2007

Noggin Notes

-Things that currently have my interest---

-This whole Albert Pujols/Tony LaRussa thing from the All-Star game has a died-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist...intrigued. It was so obvious that Tony should have sent his guy Albert to the plate with a chance to hit a walk-off, game-winning home run on Tuesday night, that one has to think that something that's not being said had to be involved. I wonder if LaRussa doesn't have some hidden agenda to start paving his way out of St. Louis after the season. There are so many rumors swirling about Walt Jocketty and LaRussa not "re-upping" or taking other jobs after this season, that you wonder if Tony is managing with that in the back of his head. Not playing Albert, a man from his own team, on one of baseball's biggest stages seems to be unthinkable....unless you are trying to annoy fans into calling for your head. I don't know...just me conspiracy theorizing.

-I read in the paper this morning...(that's that thing that some of us over-50 folks still use to get our news)...that teen sex and teenage pregnancy rates are way down. Compared to numbers from 1991, it's a dramatic downturn in the numbers. Maybe teaching kids about condoms, acknowledging that they are capable of making smart decisions, and understanding that they will try to have sex one way or another is the way to go after all. Keeping anyone in the dark these days...especially about sex... seems to be stupid and futile. Maybe we're starting to get it on this front.

-I wrote in my last post about how the Gateway Grizzlies have the best record in professional baseball. Believe it or not, that probably will have a downside to it before long. Because Phil Warren's team is kicking so much tail, they will likely be in the spotlight of scouts and lose some players to affiliated teams before long. The Grizzlies play in the independent Frontier League which has funneled a number of players back into the minor-league systems of big league clubs. In fact, the Grizzlies currently have two former pitchers toiling in the affiliated minor leagues...Scott Patterson is with a Yankees AA team...and Christian Castorri is with an A-level team in the Pirates organization. We who enjoy these kids with the Grizzlies have to remember that their real dream is to make it to the majors... and some have. i.e. Jason Simontachi, Josh Kinney(pic)..and many more.

-There was a Major League Soccer game on ESPN2 last night. Because there was very little else on the satellite, I tried to watch the game for a little while. Sorry soccer fans, I fell asleep. I sure hope David Beckham brings something to the sport that I'm not seeing. I used to broadcast play-by-play of soccer when I was in college. But, I have to work way too hard at being a fan of pro soccer.

-Do not take this in any way to be non-supportive of our troops...but, what is our country's leadership accomplishing in Iraq? These are real people, who want to live just like everyone else, that are dying in bunches over there. Someone needs to explain to me how what we're doing is changing the world for the better. I'd be on board with the war, if it seemed like there was a clearly-identified enemy, and sound strategy to defeat it. It might be I'm missing something, but it just seems like our people are over there to make sure the battleground isn't in our own back yard. That just puts them in harms way without a winning strategy. Can you say Viet Nam?

-The Blues will be good this coming year. Barring key injuries, I expect them to return to being a playoff team. But the really exciting Blues teams will take the ice in this century's second decade...if the current ownership maintains the course.

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