Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flying Blind

UPDATE-As expected..Lisa is shown the door. But, the surprise this week...Katharine in the bottom three...and in fact bottom two. THAT'S NOT RIGHT!! Wow...again lack of support for someone who hails from a large metro area. Katharine is from the L.A. area and the big city people are too blaze' about it to vote...I suppose. Bucky will get a reprieve for another week because they're singing country music next Tuesday. Look out Ace!
-Once again this week a previous engagement cost me the opportunity to watch the American Idol performance show. And, once again this week I forgot to set the DVR to record it. DOH!!

So, based solely on the reviews I've received from fellow fans...and on what I've been able to gleen from the net...and gut feelings about the relative strengths of the remaining comes this week's prediction.

By all accounts, the theme for this week didn't work out as well as you would expect. The contestants were allowed to choose any 21st century song. Apparently, most botched the opportunity to perform new material.'s my expected bottom three... Bucky, Lisa, Ace.

I'm still expecting Bucky's rural support to save him...and expect Lisa to fall victim to the numbers this week.

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