Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who Must Go?

-Time for my weekly American Idol fix. And, starting this week, I will try to predict which contestant is going to lose the election. After all, that's what it is. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not necessarily who sings the best, it's who gets the least amount of votes. One performer will be voted off by America each week until the next Idol is elected.

With that in mind, I will take my best shot. And, I will assume if you've read this far you're not looking for a re-cap of this week's performances. But, in case you missed it, everybody met Stevie Wonder in rehearsals and then had to perform one of his songs on the show.

The most vulnerable to the voters this week...in my humble opinion...Elliott, Melissa, and Bucky. I might have said Kevin...but the little guy did a pretty good job singing...and got a zinger in on Simon who was less than impressed.

Melissa did an OK job with her song. Bucky was obviously very uncomfortable doing "Superstition"...but wasn't bad. Elliott was decent...not good...or great. Several contestants were awesome this week. Katharine, Mandisa, Chris, Taylor and Paris were all stunningly professional.

I'm going out on a pretty big limb with this...but I predict Elliott Yamin...who has an incredible singing voice, but zero personality, will be going home this week.

Check back here after the results.

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