Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Idol Prognostication

-I was working at the Blues game last I had to DVR the American Idol performance show. After a quick scan of the two hours...I'm ready to offer up this week's prediction. Barry Manilow was the guest "coach" with the show featuring the music of the 50's. It appears to me that we have gotten to a point with this year's crop that there's a top 8...and a bottom three. There's very little to choose from between the top 8. All have enough of a combination of performing ability and personality to keep their vote support coming in...with the exception of Elliot Yamin who only has vocals to keep him going. A bad performance...or song choice...will be what eliminates anyone in the top 8.

Featured below are my bottom three. I think any one of this group might be sent home tonight. If anyone else does, it's a mistake.

Bucky Covington

Kevin Covais

and Lisa Tucker (whose photo wouldn't upload for some reason).

I have a feeling...and I better go with it...that Lisa will come up least popular tonight.

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