Thursday, March 30, 2006

No Fun League?

-In trying to limit the amount of "over-the-top" end zone celebrations by it's players, NFL owners and executives say they are responding to communications from officials of youth football leagues. These guys say that their young players are attempting to mimmick NFL strutters like Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Joe Horn, and others when they score in little league games. The NFL brass also says that they are attempting to quell a growing sentiment among defensive players that celebrations are OK...but just too much.

Well, I think the first excuse is the best. If there's a legitimate reason for taking the fun out of scoring for the most theatric of the league's players, it would have to be the poor example that they set, and what their "moments of glory" say to anyone interested in the concept of team in football. The "dig me" crowd in the league..(of which T.O. is the poster boy)..needs to just cool it and understand that the touchdown isn't scored by one guy.

Yeah, one guy is holding the ball when the points go on the board. But, was he solely responsible for his team's success? Did he hike the ball to himself, block for himself, and throw the ball to himself? Everybody knows the answer to that one except the peacocks of the game. When the wide receiver crosses the goal line, he does it because the coaches called the right play, the offensive line did it's job, the other wide receivers and running backs blocked well or created the proper distraction, and the quarterback delivered the ball to the right place. These "look at me" guys with their Sharpee and other scripted celebrations and dances are not only "in your facing" the other team, but diminishing the contributions of their own.

Sure, its fun occasionally to see a new and different long as it's really a fun thing...and not one of those "the game revolves around me" deals. So, did the NFL big wigs do the right thing? I think so. I think they've tried to leave in the celebration...without the craziness of the props and pre-meditation. Plus, they made it a 15 yard penalty. If a player starts hurting his team with some of his stupidity, then he'll have to answer to the coach and the other players.

I'm sure it won't take long for the T.O.'s of the league to come up with some plan to circumvent the new rules. But, at least the owners have addressed what grates on most of us...the "me first" players who forget there are ten other guys on the field who helped them get the chance to strutt their stuff.

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