Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stuff n Such

-Grizzlies GM Tony Funderburg has done it again. After introducing other exotic food items the last two seasons, he's accomplishing exactly what he wanted when he dreamed up the newest featured delicacy for the ball games on the East side of Sauget. Baseball's Best Burger will debut this season and is getting all kinds of buzz locally, and nationally. Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Tonight Show, and more are giving attention. Tony decided that health food was not the most important thing, and came up with a bacon-cheeseburger held together by a Krispy Kreme doughnut for a bun. Whoa! A thousand calories and 45 grams of fat. I'll bet at least a couple of thousand people come to a Grizzlies game this year just to try one. Way to go "Fun Man". (I hear they'll be installing defibrilators in each section at the stadium..ha!)

-Bill Laurie was seen hanging out in the Blues locker room area after last night's 2-1 overtime win over Minnesota. Hmmm.... could Billy be having second thoughts about selling the team? Is there a reason he might be inclined now to keep the property? Is there some personal slant to the situation that the public doesn't know about yet? Does the recent upturn by the youth-oriented roster give him hope of actually making a profit? Has he finally taken a liking to hockey? Just asking.

-This son-of-a-bitch Charles Cullen, that killed all those people while working as a nurse in Pennsylvania should have been suspended by his short hairs in the courtroom yesterday. While the judge was giving victims family members the opportunity to "get it off their chest" to this scum, he stood there in the courtroom saying "Judge, you need to step down" repeatedly, until the judge ordered him gagged with duct tape and a towel. He not only killed these people's loved ones, but then he disrespects them in court. Man, talk about a good case for bringing back public stonings.

-So, I guess all of the arenas that host NCAA basketball tournament action over the next three weeks will now be outfitted with metal detectors and extra security after the latest terrorist warning from the FBI. Suicide bombers supposedly plotting to blow themselves up in crowded basketball venues. Oh boy...get there early and check your coats a few blocks from the arena...coming to a building near you.

-I'm glad to see the Rams worked things out with Isaac Bruce. He would look just as strange in another uniform as Kurt Warner does in those silly Arizona Cardinals clown suits.

-Interesting that new Belleville Police Chief Dave Ruebhausen asked for activation of the Major Case Squad in the year-old triple murder case. That was on Thursday. He must have felt they were close to a major break. But in this morning's News-Democrat he denies the Friday Post-Dispatch report that they had identified a bloody fingerprint found in the getaway vehicle. The MCS usually only activates for recent murders. Strange. I hope they get it done soon so the Chief doesn't come off looking jumpy...or pressured.

-Get ready to see those brackets on Monday. Right now U-Conn (despite their loss in the Big East conference tourney to Syracuse) looks like the team to beat. That Calhoun guy sure can coach.

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