Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday Figgerin'

-I figger $470 is a little too much to fork out for a couple of sun-faded seats from ol' Busch Stadium. I'd rather spend it on a whole season of fun at Grizzlies games.

-I figger the serial rapist who's working the East St. Louis female population will soon branch out to other communities if he's not caught soon. (The cops say they have a suspect and an arrest is imminent).

-I figger the new pope will be determined on the second ballot taken on Monday and won't be an Italian.

-I figger...but I hope I'm wrong...that Cardinals pitcher Cal Eldred has a health problem more serious than the upper respiratory infection that has been advertised.

-I figger Mike Danton is not too happy with his choices about now.

-I figger the Blues will be playing again in the fall...but you may not recognize many of the people wearing the uniforms.

-I figger its about time for the morels to be poppin'...and I'm not figgerin' to tell you where I find mine.

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