Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday Points to Ponder

--Would you trade places with Tiger Woods? If not, who would you trade places with? He plays golf for a living(not a bad deal even if you didn't make buh-jillions of dollars doing it)... has a wife that is about as good looking as is possible...makes miracles happen on a regular basis...pretty much does what he wants...when he wants. Yep...I think I might trade. (But he can keep his wife...I'll keep mine)

--Are we to believe that the Cardinals players are upset about having to travel to Oklahoma City and Springfield, MO for exhibition games before the regular season started in Houston last Tuesday? That is apparently the word from unofficial player spokesman Jim Edmonds. The trip supposedly tired them out...and left them no energy to play effectively this weekend in the home opening series. WAA--WAA-WAA. Aren't you just sick of these guys...who just don't have any connection to the reality that most of us deal with? Spend a week in some real shoes boys.

--They say gas prices have gone as high as they will least for now...and will begin to recede soon. Yeah, right. Don't you feel helpless when you put gas in your car? You can't just not pay. You have to put fuel in the car. You have to pay whatever someone, somewhere says the price is. When is fixing this situation going to become a priority for someone in Washington?

--Another earthquake in Sumatra. 6.8 this tsunami. Kind of makes you wonder if the Christmas tsunami was the big one....or if they haven't had it yet.

--All but three of the cardinals who will vote on the next pope were appointed by the late John Paul II. One would think his policies, politics and positions are safe with whomever his successor turns out to be.

--An Arena Football League player died during a game yesterday. least to me...he was injured making a tackle on an ordinary play out in the middle of the field. I was waiting for the first guy to die in arena football by being smashed headfirst into the dasher boards that are used to contain the field, as in hockey.

--Where do the birds go during a storm?

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