Thursday, April 07, 2005

Questions of the Day

--Was Nikko Smith voted off American Idol because most of "Cardinal Nation" was not watching "AI" on Tuesday...and instead zeroed in on the Cardinals opener at Houston?

--Who will prevail on West Wing? Alan Alda or Jimmy Smits?

--Is it a conicidence, or part of a conspiracy, that now that gasoline is at an all-time high, we see fewer ads on TV for SUV's, and more for little putt-putt cars.

--When will FOX 2 start competing with 4 and 5 so we can get a decent 10 o'clock newscast in St. Louis?

--Did Bill Clinton ask Condi Rice out for a drink after they paid their respects to the late Pope?

--A TV report last night said that the Vatican predicts Pope John Paul II's funeral will be the biggest for anybody, anywhere at any time. What's the definition of biggest?

--Did you hear President Bush (number one) refer to the Pope as "Pope John Paul number 2" in his post-death comments for TV the other night?

--How many people are buried in Arlington National Cemetery? (answer below)

--Back to Idol...Who the hell is voting for Anthony Fedorov? (There must be a huge contingent of tone-deaf, 12-year-old girls with cell phones).

--Has Bruce Weber found someone yet to teach him how to speak without destroying what vocal chords he has left?

--Will there be protestors again this year at the Masters?

--Will Rick Ankiel ever make it back to the majors now that he's an everyday, minor-league outfielder?

--Where are Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and O. J. Simpson right now?

--What exactly is Paris Hilton famous for?

--Should the guy holding the SLOW sign on the highway be paid more than a teacher?

(Answer to Arlington question above--"All of them")

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