Wednesday, April 20, 2005


GMC Stadium--Home of the Grizzlies--will be hosting it's first ever big music show this summer. The Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson tour of minor league ballparks will come to Sauget on July 8th. I just hope these guys don't try to smoke the outfield. I'll bet Craig Kuhl...the award-winning head groundskeeper for the Grizzlies is already developing an ulcer. He always has the playing field looking "major league".

If Matt Morris continues to pitch like he did last night, and Mark Mulder (the other double-M on the staff) has found his stuff, the Cardinals might have the NL Central wrapped up by the end of July.

George Steinbrenner blasted the Yankees the other day for not playing "like Yankees". I would think by now he would realize that he can't fire anybody but Joe Torre. I'll bet A-Rod is shaking in his spikes.

There's a Mexican restaurant in Belleville...and a new one by the same owners in Fairview Heights...called "Mariachi's" that's becoming my new favorite. Very good authentic Mexican food...and they make a great margarita. Very reasonbly priced menu. The Belleville location is on South Illinois in the space once occupied by "Diamond Lil's" at the Town House Motel.

Friday Figgerin' went pretty well--
The new pope was determined on the second day...not the second ballot.
Cal Eldred has an inflamation of his heart lining. He'll be recuperating for a while.
Morels are poppin'. We came up with a pretty good batch over the weekend...enjoyed them as part of dinner Sunday night. MMMMM.
My other figgerin' doesn't call for much follow-up.

American Idol Update--
I am totally in the dark about how last night's 70's music competition played out. Didn't get to see it...but what I hear is that Bo and Scott rocked, Anwar sucked, Carrie did OK, Vonzell was good, Constantine was so-so, and Anthony was strong. That's just what I gather from my research after the fact. So, I'll be watching tonight. Prediction (even though I didn't see a lick) Anwar (the technically sound...but no personality guy) will go home.

Something to think about.
Pope Benedict XVI is 78 years old.
Life expectancy for the average German is 71.8 years...Males 69.6...Females 74.0

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