Monday, April 25, 2005

Yaaaaaaawn...Monday Meanderings

--So..Let me understand this. Two men are found murdered by a mushroom hunter in Madison County. These two from Edwardsville, the other still unidentified...had been dead for 2-5 weeks according to the Major Case Squad. How does anybody disappear for that long...let alone two guys...without someone filing a missing persons report? I noticed that the Edwardsville man's cousin was quoted on the TV news. I guess someone can drop out of sight for a month with noone noticing...but not in most families. Something smells funny (no pun intended) about this story.

--I guess the Rams got what they wanted in the draft on Saturday. But, I've already read a couple of "experts" rating their draft as mediocre at best. Some think Alex Barron...the battleship-sized offensive lineman they drafted number one...has a poor work ethic. One would hope that the scouts did their homework on the guy. Some of the other picks are being called into question too. Reminds me of 1986. I was working for KXOK (at the time a news/talk/sports station) and the "Big Dead" and draft wizard George Boone selected linebacker Anthony Bell of Michigan State in the first round. This big fella (very nice kid) and I happened to show up at the press conference at Busch Stadium about the same time. I introduced myself and asked him if he liked Boone and the Cardinals, under the assumption that they had met at least once prior to the draft. He said, "Who's George Boone?". I reported this startling story. It was picked up by the other media too. The whole thing became a firestorm exposing the shoddy scouting done by Boone prior to draft day. I believe the fan reaction to the story became a major contributor to Boone losing his job.

--Can the Cardinals wrap up the NL Central by mid-August?? Late July?? I don't want to jinx them...but if the starting pitching continues to perform as it has...nobody in the division will seriously challenge them. I see the Cubs as the only team that can stay close. And they can't stay healthy. Cincinnatti doesn't have enough weapons...or pitching. Houston is over-the-hill and lost too much in the off-season. Milwaukee is much better than in recent years...but not to the Cardinals level. The Pirates...well, they're the Pirates.

--Bobby Orr...he of hockey royalty...wrote a column for the Boston Globe. He says the NHL is quickly becoming irrelevant. He urges players union rep Bob Goodenow and commissioner Gary Bettman to get a deal done now..or step aside for someone else. Maybe Bobby himself should be appointed "Special Uber-Commissioner" until the thing gets settled.

--I asked earlier if Eric Clapton would put in an appearance at Johnnie Johnson's funeral. Apparently a spray of flowers delivered to the funeral home with condolences and signed by E.C. was the best he could do. Clapton has raved about Johnson, and his contribution to rock-and-roll over the years. I'm sure he's a busy man.

--The wet winter, and warmer-than-usual early spring, has apprarently set us up for a rough mosquito season. St. Louis shows up 15th on the list of top 20 "mosquito problem cities" for this year. I've noticed a lot of ticks showing up on our pets in the wilds of Millstadt Township too.

--I am told by those who helped produce the show Friday night, that legendary Yackety Sax man Boots Randolph hasn't lost a note. He plays for an April dinner-show each year as The Falls reception and conference center in Columbia, IL celebrates the anniversary of it's opening. Not only does Boots still play an outstanding sax, he drives his musicians in from Nashville..and back home again the same night as the show. Randolph is 78. Good genes.

--One ticket was sold in Michigan for the 205 million dollar Mega-Millions jackpot in Friday night's drawing. Curses...foiled again.

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